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the former city officer fights to get his job back. and why doctors are ordering children parents to chill about children's fevers. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> i'm on a drug, it's called charlie machine. charlie sheen attacks cbs for shutting down production of his show. his outrageous comments about his partying and his bosses:hi everybody, i'm marry buy balance alec, kai a is off tonight. what they are saying about retirement and a ways. sitcom star charlie sheen sits down for two interviews and his behavior is beyond bizarre. sandra sures reports for wjz from los angeles.
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>> everybody else is going to be begging me. >> reporter: he seems agitated and angry over two interviews on the weekend. >> do you owe cbs and apology? >> no, they owe me a big one publicly while licking my feet. >> reporter: he vows to sue cbs for canceling the rest of the season of his show, "two and a half men," he isn't apologizing and insists he is only high on life, not a drug. >> i'm high on a drug, it's called charlie sheen, it's not available because if you try it once you will die. >> reporter: he says despite cbs's decision to halt his show he'll still show up to work and now machine's publicist has quit. he got machine through several public scuffles in the law, he pleaded no contest to spousal abuse with his third wife, he was with a porn star when he trashed a new york hotel room, his second wife and their children were in a nearby room.
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last month she was hospitalised after a night of partying. cbs put his show on hiatus and machine went on the attack, making comments about the show's creator that some called anti-see met inc. he says he isn't anti-semetic -- >> it's 3 mill an episode, take it or leave it. >> he is already the highest paid tv actor making 1.8 million an episode. cbs says it isn't commenting on charlie sheen for now. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz "eyewitness news." machine was apparently tested for drugs this weekend and was reportedly clean. a mild and sunny morning turned into a wet, wild afternoon for some parts of our state. outside right now it is still raining in many areas, definitely grey out there for sure. wjz is live with first weather coverage, bernadette woods has more on the heavy showers across the region. >> it has been a stormy day. broke out into sunshine, got
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close to 70 degrees. then the line came in across the northern part of the state, fizzled more into a rain where as farther south that's when this came down, a few more on it and now that has been fizzling too. we do have heavy rain especially across the south. a few rumbles of thunder are possible too, but as you can see across the north, not that far away we will get a break from the action. see that coming in from the west, that drying line trying to push it down into the south. we'll have that coming up. marry. >> stay with wjz and first warning weather for coverage, for a look at live weather andish stand forecasts. still no sign of felicia barnes, wjz is live in the newsroom. vic? >> it's been two months since she was last seen, her friends refuse to stop looking for her. fiche a is from north carolina and was in town visiting her
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sister and the rest of their family for the holidays. city police want anyone with information to call the hot line setup for tips, (855)223- 0033. marry. >> vic, thank you. we promise to keep following the search for felicia and we'll let you know soon as shes is is found. inner harbor confrontation. a police officer yelling at a young skateboarder is plastered across the internet. it cost him his job, now he is fighting to get it back. >> reporter: sam va torre riff areay went to court hoping to get his job back as a baltimore police officers. >> first of all you better learn how to speak. i'm not man, i'm not dude. i am officer rib areay. >> that inner harbor confrontation with a young skateboarder ultimately cost him his job. >> sit down. i'm not a goon. >> today in court his lawyers argued it was department embarrassment, not wrongdoing,
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that caused him his badge. >> in all due respect to the commissioner i've known him for years, a lot of respect for him, i think he overreacted. >> sit down. sit down. i'm not a dude. >> the department's own trial board found him guilty of general misconduct and failure to file paperwork about the incident but recommended only a 6-day suspension. the commissioner ignored that and fired rib areay. >> that conduct and language related to language he was found not guilty of. so to find him guilty of that you're firing him for something he did not be found guilty of. >> reporter: but he noted the trial board's recommendation are not binding. rib areay is a 19-year veteran with the police department. he was one year away from retiring when he was fired. as a result he will not receive his full pension. back to you on tv hill. >> rib areay still has the right to appeal today's decision and his lawyer expects that to happen. a county police officer is
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hospitalised right now after being attacked by two dogs. it happened on dean wood road. the officer was responding to a call when the animals attacked. he was bitten several times but his injuries are not life- threatening. officers captured one of the dogs but they are still looking for a white pit bull with an orange spot on its back. if you see the dog do not approach it, call 911 immediately. fevers in children can be frightening for parents, and manuel gallegas reports for wjz a just released report is helping parents get over their fever fear phobia. >> reporter: 1-year-old jayna has a fever and kickoff. >> at nights i see 102 goin' into 1013 and it bothers me. >> reporter: a new report in pediatrics advises parents to keep their cool when it comes to fires. doctors say a rise in body
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temperature isn't always dangerous. >> a fever can be good for kids, it actually helps fight off infection, virus and bacteria, they don't like to live where it's warm. >> reporter: temperatures lower than 104 are not considered a fever. and there is no proof that untreated fevers lead to seize yours or brain damage. doctor jessica sessions says over the counter medicine is fine to bring down a high fever but parent should pay more attention to how their children are being aing. >> are they drinking, are they eating, are they walking around, are they playful. >> when it comes to medicine the most important thing is getting the dosage right. it varies from brand to brand, parents should also be careful to measure correctly. so when is it time to call the doctor? in the fever lasts more than a few days, if the baby is under 3 months old, if there are changes in behavior or if a rash appears. jade a's dad is glad he took her. >> i didn't like what was going in. cold sweats. >> reporter: turns out she has a chest infection and needs
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antibiotics. manuel gallegas. >> children with special medical needs including certain heart conditions should be seen by a doctor even with slight fevers. public health concern. a woman who flew out of bwi airport february 20th had the measles. there's worry she may have infected other travelers. the unidentified passenger also flew out of dulles airport a few days before. health officials are trying to reach anybody who may have been exposed. a broken gas main is fueling a fire in howard county right now. sky chopper 13 is over ellicott circle just a short time ago. a town home caught fire, it is unclear if it caused the gas line to break, or if it sparked the main. cge is on the scene cutting off the dangerous gas. you can see the flames there in inside. we're going to check in with our roads with courtney ward. >> just a couple of accidents and a little bit of congestion to let you know about. let's target? baltimore where we have a car fire at east read street at
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guilford avenue. an accident at north charles street at holman avenue. the pike eastbound we have report of an accident at newark drive involving a struck pedestrian. anne to that congestion i was talking to you about, on the north side of the interloop, a slow go from the to liberty road, on the north side we have some congestion on the harrisburg expressway to harford road. now let's have a look outside. you can start to pick up on both sides there, volume picking up, pretty much the same thing as you look over on the west side of maryland 41. this report is brought to you by the cochrane firm. if you suffered a permanent injury call the cochrane firm at 1-800-the-firm for a free consultation. >> today is the last day for you to submit an online vote for the ocean city boardwalk. the mayor is asking for opinions on how to renovate the boardwalk. you can pick from three options in an online poll. if you want to cast your vote
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log onto, click on local news for the link. so far, nearly 8,000 people have given their inputs. and still ahead on wjz's "eyewitness news" at 4:00 ... >> can you send a cop to my house? a guy is braking in my window. >> do you know who it is? >> i don't know, he is trying to break my window. >> a call for help. what the elderly woman did when he got inside. have you ever googled your name? if you don't like what you find there is a way to make it go away. americans captured by pirates and killed. the new questions today about how the u.s. handled the whole situation. and it's still raining in parts of our state right now. meteorologist bernadette woods has more on how long the wet weather will last. complete coverage continues. with ty jackson, mary bubala, and first warning weather with brad turk and meteorologist
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bernadette woods and sports with mark ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dramatic river rescue in
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china, a they plucked four women from the raging river this morning. the women were warning clothes in the river when the water swept them away because the current was so strong firemen had to use a rope to full them to shore. begging for mercy. the man who assassinated robert kennedy will make his case to get out of prison this week. he has a parole hearing in california, sir hand sir hand, he says he can't remember killing the presidential candidate back in 1968. a burglar is no match for an elderly woman with a broom. jim smith has the call for help as the massachusetts woman con fronted the crook. >> b & e in progress, victim inside the house. >> i'm all alone. oh god. >> reporter: a night of tractor for an 86-year-old woman living in this home. she calls 91, hiding inside the
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victim makes this rivetting call for help as the suspect, jorge fewen takes, 32 years old, breaks her window. >> a guy is breaking in my window. >> do you know who it is. >> i don't know. he is trying to break my window. >> okay. we're on our way. >> he is going to come and try to break the windy. >> the police will be there any second, stay on the phone. >> oh god. oh, there he broke the window. oh my god. >> all right ma'am. justify stay calm. they got the guy ma'am. >> the cops are here. >> fewen takes was arrested by several lawrence police officers. the lawrence police chief said the victim did a good job. >> didn't confront the individual, that's the key, stayed in a secure location, we did find her, she had the phone in one hand talking to our dispatcher but a broom in the other hand, she was prepared in the event this individual got in. >> to defend herself. >> to defend her itself, she
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did, yeah. >> the burglar posed as a utility worker and tried to get in the house. any time a utility worker shows up unannounced that should be a red flag. the stocks end the month on a high note. all the major indexes gained about 3% in the month of february, today the dow was up 96, s & p up a point, nasdaq up 7. let's go to new york where alexis christophorus has the money update. >> consumer consumer reports named japanese ototomy honda, subaru and toyota the best all around car makers for the third year in a row. they also said ford improved the most since last year. honda was number 1 with 74 points out of 100. chrysler came in last with 43. the ratings are based on consumer reports average road tests and reliabilities. gas prices are soaring just as people are planning their spring and summer travel plans.
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aaa says a gallon of regular jumped another 8 cents over the weekend to a new national average of $3.37, that's the highest level ever for this time of year. almost 27 cents per gallon more expensive than a month ago. 66 cents higher than the same time last year. americans made more money in january but spent very little of it. personal income tax grew 1%, that's an extra thousand dollars for a typical family, and it's the biggest jump in incomes in two years, it was mostly due to the social security tax cut but spending only rose 2/10ths of a percent as many people are being cautious with their money even as the economy improves. the national association of realtors says fewer people signed contracts to buy hopes in january, it's the latest evidence that the housing market is still struggling. that's your money watch. for more headlines log onto cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christophorus. one of the big winners of the academy awards is well- known to baltimore. malissa leah won the oscar for
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best supporting actress in her role in the fighter. we have the point where leah lived for several years. >> malissa leo, the fighter. >> malissa leo took home the oscar for best supporting actress. in fell's point where she starred in homocide you could feel the excitement. >> i think it's so cool. i love it when baltimore is like in the news, famous people come to baltimore, i love it. >> reporter: malissa leo played detective sergeant kai howard on homocide, she made fells point her home for the first five years of the hit primetime drama. the uniform hotel and jimmy's were two of her favorite places. >> she came in here all the time with a couple of the other cast members. one of the any service once, they were humble believe. >> comedian bill cosby and other famous faces have been here too. >> muhammad ali, cal lipton, and he i just med last week.
4:19 pm
>> homocide made fell's point its headquarters for 7 years, from broadway to hollywood, memories of the show, and now its oscar-winning star are shining bright. >> from being in here as a kid the washington lay key barely even new except she was on a tv show filmed in baltimore, now to be in one of the greatest movies of all-time and winning an academy award for it is incredible. >> rod vans, wjz news. she has also appeared ought center stage here. tanning beds, should teens be banned from using them. transforming an old fire station is just a beginning in revitalizing downtown pikesville. so what other new businesses are come technology the coming to the area. we'll have that on wjz news. wjz13 is always on for the top stories on, for
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now warning weather, complete forecast and warning
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of severe weather. >> the day had such potential but now the windshield wipers are on our camera because it's raining out there. >> you have to understand, as much as we want it to be spring in a lot of cases and it is february, they go close to 70 degrees, something is going on in the atmosphere and the cause and effect of that is that we had strong thunderstorms going through. that front is clearing up. first warning doppler radar, at this point for the most part, is rain on the northern half, right in here. some heavier rain but still thunderstorms embedded and especially to the south. we had some stronger storms that started to dip a little bit about the past two hours, at this point you can see all of that passing through. just out to the northwest in hagerstown a little more is starting to pop up so even though this ban is starting to clear baltimore county, starts to move out of to the southeast, we're not completely finished yet, because take a look behind it. it is popping up. let's show you from earlier
4:24 pm
earlier today we had a little rain from the warm front part of this storm. that got through here, the sun started to bust out, we warmed up pretty quickly speaking close to 70 degrees but quickly after that that cold front came through, the reason we did that in the northern half is because the northern part of the state never really got in the warm air, as we said, close to 70 in baltimore, now back to 58 degrees. still mild across the south but these temperatures also were in the mid-70s and in this area right in here never really got into that warmth. so as the line of thunderstorms came in it just fizzled out into a heavier rain with still some thunderstorms embedded in. wind-wise, start to go pick up a little bit out there as that cold front is making its way through. nothing extreme but the winds will be gusting close to 30 miles per hour as we head through the evening hours, snotting like last friday. so a little different there. here is a storm on the whole, it is a big one, here is the warm front part of it. here is the cold front part of it. even some snow on the northern side of this. so we had the warm front go
4:25 pm
through first, put us in that warm air, here is the cold front. that is slowly going to push through here, eventually over the next couple of hours, we do still have a few hours before it clears, we'll see that rain come to an end and when it does the sky starts to clear and we will be cooling down. and, tomorrow, a much big improvement around here with sunshine, it will be much cooler also. on weapon, another front passing off to the north. we warm up ahead of it and cool down behind it. not much to that front. on the water, gale warnings are currently in effect with winds picking up. they will be in effect through the overnight, small craft advisories will replace that. forecast for tonight, the rain will come to an end, 2 winds are going to be up a bit, 32 degrees, fairly low. tomorrow sunshine returns, cooler day, the wind will be dying down, 47 for the high. so close to our. a, much cooler than today, the five-day forecast was up and down this entire forecast. >> i have my raincoat today, maybe get my winter jacket back. >> day-to-day preparation.
4:26 pm
>> that's why we have you bernadette. >> yes. >> we watch you. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup, hawaii 5-0 followed by wjz. a lot more ahead at 4:30, daycare death, shocking information about the cause of that fire that killed four babies in texas. one week left. can lawmakers strike a deal to keep the federal government from shutting down? why pressure is mounting. will the pentagon send u.s. troops to libya? "eyewitness news" at 4:00 continues with denise ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 57 degrees with rain in some arealess. hello, thank you for staying with wjz news, i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, here is what people are talking about. >> step down now, that's what
4:30 pm
world leaders are sending gadhafi. >> reporter: protests flaired in libya's capital. several hundred demonstrators gathered for a march before progovernment fighters chased them away. the protesters left behind their message for gadhafi to leave. in geneva, foreign diplomats had the same message, that gadhafi must go and that he should be held responsible for his bloody attacks. leaders are also discussing a possible no fly zone over libya. to prevent gadhafi's air force from killing more citizens. >> it is clear that this is a regime that has lost his people. and our message to gadhafi is
4:31 pm
go now. >> reporter: the west has now abandoned him. for now he still has a firm grip of the capital. most of eastern libya is in rebel hands. the regime has promised to retake areas right outside the capital city. with gadhafi showing no sign of backing down, the pentagon confirmed it's moving air and naval forces near libya just in case they are needed. the treasury department also froze more than $30 billion in libyan money. that is the largest amount of money blocked by sanctions. >> as the tensions rise, so do our gas prices. mary is in the newsroom with a big jump at the pump. >> gas prices jumped up another 30 seconds in the last week. we're now paying an average of
4:32 pm
$3.30 a gallon. crude oil soared to it's highest price in more than two years as people worry the unrest in libya could spread to larger oil producing companies. here is a look at the costs for a gallon of regular gas. today we're paying $2.67 a gallon. experts predict we'll pay at least $3.50 a gallon by early spring. >> mary, thank you. you can find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood by going to click on the news tab on the top of the home page. and bob turk is following rainfalling in the area. bob. >> the ratings just came in a few minutes ago, .4 of an inch
4:33 pm
at vwi airport. it was in the 70s south of the area. you still see some pretty heavy shower activity in the eastern shore. lower portions of the chesapeake bay right now. east of the baltimore region, just north of this city it's pretty much finished, maybe a few more sprinkles between now and 7:00. but that's pretty much going to do it for our region. drier, cooler, windier conditions we'll talk about that coming up. four americans murdered by american somali pirates. and mike hellgren is live with what caused them their lives. >> reporter: fbi agents were talking with two of the pirates about handing over the hostages. the pirates told the other hijackers to kill all four americans if they didn't come
4:34 pm
back. u.s. officials arrested the two pirates instead of letting them return to the yacht. then the americans were killed. the coast guard refuses to talk about the case, only that it is under investigation. a brief scare over the air. a plane forced to make an emergency landing just minutes after take off. the plane sucked a bird into its engine this morning after leaving reagan national airport. the pirate returned to dallas- fort worth airport to make an emergency landing. none of the people on board was hurt. it is one of the hottest topics in maryland. medical marijuana. the bill would prevent people from being arrested for smoking marijuana if they have a prescription. the state senate easily passed a similar bill last year. you will hear the case for and against medical marijuana on wjz5:00 and 6:00. congress returns to work to
4:35 pm
tackle the budget battle. inez perez reports for wjz. >> reporter: lawmakers got right down to business after a week off. they headed for the floor and argued over how the government should spend it's money. >> less spending, lower debt, reigning in the sides and scope of government. that's what's needed. >> the unintended consequences of those budget cuts will come back in many many ways to harm this nation. they have until the end of this week to pass a spending bill or the federal government will have to shut down, leading republicans will have a chance. democrats call it a good starting point but they want a full month to work out their
4:36 pm
differences. getting an agreement on that budget will be tough. republicans want more than $60 billion in spending cuts. the president promised he would veto any measure with those kind of cuts. democrats insist the gops plan would put the nation's recovery the plan in jeopardy. the clock is ticking and neither side wants to be blamed for a shut down. that means they'll have to compromise if they want to get a full spending plan passed and signed into law before time runs out. inez perez. now even if the government shuts down, the military federal law enforcement agency and air traffic controllers would keep on working. budget issues are far from being resolved in wisconsin with hundreds of protesters demonstrated again at the capital. police warned all protesters at the capital by -- off the capital by yesterday afternoon. so cleaning crews could go in. but the police chief backed
4:37 pm
down on the threats to arrest anyone who remained. the protesters continue to fight governor scott walker's push. a local landmark is coming down after being destroyed by a kitchen fire. crews will demolish the patio down in towsend. bar's owner has promised to rebuild. let's check in on the road's right now with courtney warren. >> reporter: good afternoon everyones as rush hour gets under way, we're seeing some congestion. let's start on the north side of the loop. you're going to be tapping your breaks a little bit. a car traveling about 54 miles per hour. now on the north side of the loop and you're going to run
4:38 pm
into congestion to charles street. now we do have some accidents to let you know about in the city of baltimore. one is lake avenue at minnesota avenue and another at merivia road near walter avenue. both of those are involving pedestrians. now let's head outside for a live look. you can see everything is looking pretty good out there at i70 on u.s. 29. traffic is starting to pick up a little bit on 689 from national baltimore pike. this traffic report is brought to you by american limousines. american limousine can cover all your transportation needs. visit them online at big changes are coming to downtown pikeville. as fujihi explains, the plan includes the old and the new. >> reporter: in 1920, pikeville built its first fire house. 91 years and $500 million later. two businesses have moved in.
4:39 pm
>> when we came upon this building, we fell in love with the history and the architecture. >> reporter: and this isn't the only change here. since 2002, baltimore county has helped in new projects totaling $80 million. >> so in a down economy, which we have a lot of significant reinvestment in pikesville we find is a good thing. including construction on a $2.4 million building. this will be a 10,000 square foot building with two levels of retail and businesses. and a new staple in walgreen which is planned down the street. an arcticture that will enhance the downtown feel. with more business, owners home prosperity follows. >> we just have a new part of the quote unquote revitalization of this area. >> reporter: the old fire station had been empty for 12 years before it was purchased
4:40 pm
and renovated. held captive for 18 years. what the man charged with jaycee dugard did in court today. and after the rain, will we see clear skies for tomorrow? bob is updating your forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
a pennsylvania woman convicted in a bizarre bank robbery will spend the rest of her life in prison. nancy neil armstrong was convicted in the case that a pizza delivery man was strapped with a bomb and was killed. the california man accused of kidnapping dugard appeared in case. both garrido and his wife are
4:44 pm
accused of kidnapping the dugard from a bus station. prosecutors in texas filed charges against a woman who ran a child care. >> reporter: investigators said today she left seven preschoolers alone in the home with a stove top burner on before the fire. she told neighbors that the fire started in the kitchen. other witnesses have come forward saying she wasn't in the house at all. if convicted she could spend up to 10 years in prison. >> prosecutors could still file additional charges in the case but did not say if they intend to do so. in west texas, firefighters are finally making progress against wildfires that have scorched the area. the fires have already burned
4:45 pm
120 acres. a 5-year-old was killed in a car crash in a smoke filled highway. two astronauts from shuttle discovery took a walk today. they spent the afternoon working on upgrade for the international space station. ever wish you could have multiple e-mail accounts all sent to the same inbox. natalie moore reports from and shows you an easy way to combine your e-mail using gmail. >> reporter: do you have more than one google i.d. and find it hard to manage all of them. a lot of people do for one reason or another. you may not know that you can manage multiple g mail accounts from your browser without logging in and out. go to
4:46 pm
find the option that says multiple sign in and click edit. you want to make sure that the box labeled on is on. keep this in mind if you go offline and use this functionality a lot. once you've checked these boxes and click save. now click on the pull down menu. click sign in to another account. you will be asked to enter your name and password and click sign in. with a free google account you're only allowed to link three accounts, but when you do this you'll be able to access several google products with this effort. for cbs news i'm natalie morris, in new york. hundreds of g mail users lose users lost all their old messages over the weekend. google says it's working to fix
4:47 pm
that problem. if you google your own name you might find some things you don't want others to see. but there are some ways to get some information taken off the web. if private info like social security numbers come up, notify google and they will identify the source. you can also remove your name from the search. the american academy of pediatrics wants to ban the use of tanning beds for teenagers. studies have shown a link between tanning beds and a higher risk of skin cancer. breast-feeding may reduce the risk of obesity within kids with diabetic moms. children were less likely to be overweight as they got older. breast-feeding also helped
4:48 pm
mothers helping them recover from gestational diabetes. coming up on entertainment tonight, all the news from the 83rd annual academy award. we're the only show taking you inside the famed vanity fair oscar party. justin beiber and selena gomez holding hands, smiling over pictures snapped of them. >> sandra bullock beamed. >> one of the best oscars i've ever seen. it was so beautiful. did you see it? >> i watched every bit of it. >> reporter: madonna is dressed in lace, fish net and faux fur, while her daughter lourdes
4:49 pm
rocked a mini dress. tonight, did charlie sheen pass a drug test? that and more coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> don't miss entertainment tonight at 7:30 right here on wjz. a giant donation in a small farm town in minnesota. blue earth better known as the valley of the jolly green giant is now home to the collection of green giant memorabilia. it was pulled together by an old employee of green giant. he says it start with a few items, and it grew with the start of ebay. the city is hoping nonprofit or community groups will be able to step in. the city would pay the groups to run their own programs, hire staff and take care of the day- to-day maintenance. it is a gray and gloomy
4:50 pm
day. but it could be cold. >> bob is updating your forecast with some clear skies coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
this afternoon looks a lot better now but this afternoon was scary looking. >> we had thunderstorms activity in pg county, southern portions of maryland and the lower eastern shore. right now the heaviest activity is just east of the bay. take a look at radar, we're clearing out in the baltimore area. south and east still pretty moderate rain activity going on. there's some reports of thunder as well. it was much warmer. in the city, pretty much the end of the rain, just one or two more showers. clearing up at 7:00, eastern shore that's where we're seeing heavy rain. down to cambridge just west of salisbury that's also moving off to the east rather quickly. so that'll be done probably in the next hour or so. tonight we're looking for
4:54 pm
clearing skies and it'll be becoming cooler also on the breezy side. believe it or not we got a lot warmer. we'll show you where it is in just a second. south of the city, really warmed up. 58 now, southwest winds 16, the barometer slowly on the way back up. currently 58, 59, 60, 57, in the 40s and 60s to the west. and that'll be headed our way in the next few hours. mid-50s to a rather mild, considering a normal high now is the upper 40s. 68, just before 11:00, at the airport it'll be 68 degrees. we have shower activities it quickly dropped to the 50s and 60s. 48 is the average low and average low now 20. in the records weren't that far away. in the airports 71. 5degrees in 1934. wind now continuing to be out
4:55 pm
of the southwest. later on they're going to shift pretty shortly out of northwest. that will bring in the cool air. all right, low pressure up to our north, trailing this frontal system did cause severe weather across the tennessee valley, kentucky, tennessee, several tornadoes in that region. behind it clearing skies across the great lakes. that's the weather basically the next couple of days. you see the weather activity crossing the region. it was much warmer count to the south. there were several tornado watches out for the carolina areas down to the extreme southwestern portions of the south carolina. for the region, cooler skies, high pressure, we'll see some sunshine. some sunshine comes in and it'll cool down by the end of the week. bay temp now up to 40 degrees. slowly warming up. 32 by morning with maybe a shower in the next couple of
4:56 pm
hours, then clearing skies. tomorrow much cooler than today but still about normal. >> 47. >> 47 degrees. >> that's good. thank you, bob. still to come on -- [ male announcer ] verizon believes that no small business should be invisible, so we decided to help a real small business make it easier for customers to find them. my name is elizabeth heinz, we're at isabella's boutique in rockville center, new york. do me a favor, and search for your business. alright. ♪ what did you find? nothing. i mean, if you don't have a website, you're basically invisible. [ male announcer ] 40% of small businesses don't have a website. but with verizon websites powered by intuit, it's so easy you can do it yourself, and so powerful it can make any small business more visible. add photos... and then, we'll hit "publish." i have a website?! you have a website.
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